Batu Caves Adds Modern Touch: Historic Malaysian Temple To Install Escalator

ByThe Counter Journal

To make the 400-million-year-old caves and shrine at a revered Hindu site in Malaysia more accessible, plans are underway to install an escalator alongside the existing 272 steps. This alternative route will cater to visitors who have difficulty or simply prefer not to climb the stairs

Batu Caves, rising amidst the lush hills of Gombak, Selangor, is a captivating amalgamation of ancient limestone formations, vibrant Hindu worship, and captivating natural beauty. More than just a tourist destination, it’s a tapestry woven with threads of cultural significance, religious fervor, and a spirit of adventure.

Just a short hop north of Malaysia’s bustling capital, Kuala Lumpur, lies a wonder carved by time: the Batu Caves. For centuries, Batu Caves has served as a revered sanctuary for Hindu devotees. The iconic 272-step staircase, ascending in a vibrant symphony of colors, leads to the Cave Temple dedicated to Lord Murugan, the deity of war and victory. 

In a move designed to enhance accessibility and versatility, Batu Caves will embark on exciting infrastructural developments following this year’s Thaipusam festival on January 25th. The installation of a modern escalator offers a convenient alternative to the iconic 272 steps and expands access for individuals with mobility limitations or simply seeking a swift ascent. In addition, a spacious multipurpose hall will be added. 

In 2018, the temple’s organizing committee undertook a bold initiative: transforming the once-weathered steps into a vibrant spectacle. Their aim was to revitalize the site’s appeal and attract a wider audience while preserving its sacred essence. The vibrant steps became an instant social media sensation, drawing hordes of Instagrammers and photographers.

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