Australia: Planting Bombs On Palestine Supporter’s Home Is Not Terrorism

ByThe Counter Journal

Theo, an Australian, proudly flies the Palestinian flag on his home. Supporting the plight of Palestinians facing genocide. Not long after, he was threatened with a bomb.

The bomb was planted on his car with a clear warning

On 5th January, a live bomb was planted on Theo’s car. The warning attached wrote

“Enough! Take down flag! One chance!!!”

Theo immediately reported the incident to the police. The case was assigned to a junior constable. A “Bomb and Rescue” squad was dispatched with other investigating teams. 

After 3 hours, the bomb was deemed “safe”. They found that the bomb is live without the ability to be detonated remotely. The threat is legitimate. 

Australian politicians, media, and police statements downplayed the terror threat

Some mainstream media reported the bomb to be fake. While others ignored it completely. A statement by the police simply said

“Officers from the Rescue and Bomb Squad attended and deemed the item safe.”

After 3 months the bombmaker was found and charged

David Wise, a Zionist, was charged with “send article to cause alarm, intimidate intend to fear physical harm, use carriage service to menace/harrass/offend, and enter inclosed land.”

There was no charge related to terrorism.

Theo is actively being harassed by Zionist groups in Australia

Despite many reports to the authorities with evidence sent, Theo is met with indifference from the police. No action was taken and most of the reports sent by Theo are ignored. 

Zionist group chats in Australia actively look for pro-Palestine supporters, Palestinians, and Arabs to harass and threaten. 

Image credit – Theo on X

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