Elon and team truly knows how to take advantage of that soft spots the users are craving for.
It's Really Tempting Elon, But Twitter Blue Is Not For Me
It requires a combination of research, analysis, strategic thinking, and effective communication.
The Value Of Values- Shaping Your Business To Stay Relevant
For me, this movie is a light comedy movie that is quite 'enjoyable' in terms of characters and storyline.
Fast & Feel Love (2022) — Between Love And Ambition
As a result of the pandemic, people have been pushed to reconsider their personal goals and values.
Should We Go Back To The Pre-Pandemic Way Of Living?
A small business’s cycle often involves 3 elements, master them.
Being An Entrepreneur Is Lonely, But Don't Let It Destroy You
There is pressure from all directions for Google to take this drastic move.
What You Need To Know About Google's Recent 12,000 Layoffs
AI may diminish a lot of roles and jobs, but this is an evolutionary challenge for humans to increase our...
RED ALERT, ChatGPT Will Replace You
He predicted that as specialisation takes hold, a new type of person will emerge: one who is unable to integrate...
José Ortega’s Claim 100 Years Ago
Our individual experiences and beliefs shape our individual perspectives on life.
It Is Okay To Think Differently From Other People
While it may appear simple, getting started is not the most difficult part.
4 Healthy Habits To Kickstart 2023
How far can freedom go, is there a limit to freedom?
The Line Of Freedom
By considering these factors, you can be better prepared to make an informed decision about your company’s fundraising journey.
What Founders Need To Know Before Raising Funds
Stop worrying about things that are not within our control.
The Opportunities Are Endless
It will take you less than 5 minutes
How to use Avatar on WhatsApp
Never get distracted by someone else's money, number of followers, company size, or even outcome
Be The Best Version Of 2023
Work on these if you want to be found on the web and grow your authority
2 Simple But Important Blogging Tips From A Seasoned Blogger
Are you willing to put your 'life' at risk?
Life Of An Entrepreneur
Surviving tough economic times is possible. Learn expert strategies for financial stability during a recession and thriving after it.
Man sitting in the dark inside a room with a laptop on
They see a better price-value ratio in other brands.
2 Ways To Prompt First-Time Customers To Buy Again, And Again

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