It's not a question of technique. It's a matter of morality.
How To Be A Good Driver
Why startup founders should prioritise problem-solving over solution-finding.
Fall in Love with the Problem, Not the Solution
The many adverts we still talk about today, started out as a poorly written first draft.
10/100 Days Of Copy: The Pursuit of Perfection
The thread has since gained 4.3 million views!
Historical Figures Joining The Selfie Trend — Jesus Did What?
Why vague contracts can lead to costly consequences for your business.
The Devil Is Always In The Details
Principles that are shared by great copywriters from the days of John Emory Powers to present day.
9/100 Days Of Copy:  What Shapes Great Copywriters
The objective is to identify issues and opportunities for growth and improvement within a company.
How To Diagnose Your Business To Improve Its Success Rate?
This craft is a beast of its own. But if you spend the time to learn, practice, and gain deeper...
8/100 Days Of Copy: The Defining Difference Of Copywriting
If you plan to build a brand out of your business, remember this.
Businesses Don't Create Branding, Consumers Do
I know, most business owners try to pay as little tax as possible.
Tax Evasion Versus Tax Avoidance, Definitions And Differences
It is understood that the two thieves are husband and wife.
Cunning Thieves Went On Shopping Spree With Stolen Money
Yes, there are going to be challenges along the way but it will be worth it.
Investing In Yourself- How To Prioritize Your Own Financial Goals Over Keeping Up with Others
It helps us improve our interpersonal relationships, both personally and professionally.
The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace
Climbers' kit and equipment are overrated, really.
Suit Up! We're Going Hiking!
And here are 10 action items for you to consider.
How Data Is Important For Entrepreneurs In Decision Making
It has garnered 1.9 million views on Twitter.
Mental Health, Mental Help—The People Power
It's understood that the child actress broke her hip bone after her spine was hit by a tripod's legs.
When Prank Goes Wrong, The Puteri Rafasya Story
Have you noticed? When you read copy you can hear a voice in your mind. It’s subtle but impacts your...
6/100 Days Of Copy: Voice in writing-4bb2-4258-83d1-e849023cb06a_1
A strategic roadmap explains what and why. The execution plan describes how.
What Is The Difference Between Strategy and Roadmap?
Thoughts on the bitter truth of success.
My Monologue : When You Have Nothing
A personal experience of how I ended my toxic relationship with comparison.
Breaking Free from the Comparison Trap: How to Live a Fulfilling Life Without Overspending
A venture capitalist is like a hitchhiker, always on the lookout for the next big ride.
Beware Of The Hitchhikers- Why Startup Founders Should Choose Their Venture Capitalists Wisely
The case for Autism in Malaysia from a practitioner's eyes.
Autism in Malaysia: The Number Is Rising But Are We Ready?

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