What it's actually about and what it takes to make a successful transformation.
Moving a step to Digital Transformation
From Taylor Swift to Nelson Mandela... I explore the personal effects journaling has had on their success.
Journaling. Why Successful People Swear By It.
Viewers commented the movie was clever, humorous and tragic combined with an excellent overall theme.
Barbie The Movie- A Perfect Definition Of Success
As a matter of fact, not all customers are following the brands on social media or subscribe to their email...
You Don't Necessarily Need Big Followers, You Need Visitors To Make Money Online
The answer, in my opinion, lies in between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, as there were both proactive measures that could have...
Good Vibes Festival Crisis- Was It Avoidable?
Lenovo remains committed to advancing women in STEM in our workforce and programs.
Gender Parity In The Workplace Commentary
If you are new on Twitter and unverified, you can only read 300 posts per day.
Oops! Elon Musk Did It Again. He Plays With Our Hearts
Have a little faith in yourself and the journey you are in right now. Everything is going to be okay.
To Anyone Who Thinks They're Falling Behind
This shocked the entire nation due to its gruesome nature.
Father From Hell- Incest And Murder, The Gruesome Case Of Ritual
Fresh graduates should abandon the notion of inherent simplicity in senior workers' tasks.
The Illusion Of Ease- Unveiling The Wisdom Of Seasoned Professionals
On June 18th, internet users pointed out something very weird with the Schumann Resonances. Something they've "never seen before."
People are freaking out over Earth's electromagnetic frequencies
Will the legacy of the Kennedys continue with Robert F. Kennedy Jr?
Another Kennedy Takes A Stand.
This mental shift involves developing a significant life perspective and it may not be for everyone.
The Art Of Making The World Chase After You Instead Of The Way Around 
The art of welcoming critcism with open arms
Growth Through Criticism - star-review-criticism
The world is waiting for you. Yes, YOU.
Creating a World of Opportunities - man-silhoutte
Take control of your 24 hours and achieve more with less stress
vintage alarm clock
“Diversity doesn’t break up our society. It enriches it. So, let’s embrace it.”
Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway (2023) – A Mother's Love That Transcends Heaven and Earth
Nadirah has been named by Prestige Malaysia as one of the Women of Power in Malaysia.
Naval and his team just launched a new social media platform with the promise of making social media, social again.
Naval's Airchat: On A Mission To Make Social Media Social Again
The 1-minute 30 seconds video has gained 1.7 million views with 130 comments from the netizens.
T20 Is B40? Is The Malaysian Income Classification Correct?
"Sex is like coffee, Saturday, salary and bonus, no matter whether we like it or not."
The Four Stage Of Sexual Relationship- Tips For Married Gentlemen Out There

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