Arrest Warrants For Netanyahu, Gallant, and Hamas Says ICC Prosecutor

ByThe Counter Journal

In a 16-minute video on Youtube, the ICC Prosecutor Karim A.A. Khan announces an application request for arrest warrants in the ongoing Gaza genocide.

Top leaders of Hamas mentioned

Khan starts off by announcing that his office has “reasonable grounds” based on evidence that three Hamas leaders are criminally responsible for war crimes.

He states that since October 7th, the Hamas leaders have been responsible for extermination, murder, and taking of hostages. Also various criminal acts against those in captivity such as rape and other acts of sexual violence, torture, other inhumane acts, and outrage upon personal dignity.

Two individuals from the Israeli government are mentioned

Khan then announces that his office has reasonable grounds to believe based on evidence, that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Minister of Defense Yuav Galand, bear criminal responsibility for the ongoing genocide.

Khan specifically mentions that Netanyahu and Galand are responsible:

  • Starvation as a method of warfare
  • Serious injury to body or health
  • wilful killing or murder
  • Intentionally directing attacks on civilian population
  • Extermination
  • Persecution
  • Other inhumane acts

Khan also puts into context that these acts are done as part of a “widespread and systematic attack” against the Gaza population.

He also expresses that “unfortunately, these crimes are still committed to this day.

“My office charges Netanyahu and Gallant”

Khan then explains how these crimes were committed based on the evidence found. The evidence Khan talks about are well documented on social media platforms like X and TikTok. For example, cutting of electricity, water sources, and hindering humanitarian aid to enter.

What’s next?

Once the ICC judge issues the arrest warrant, the ICC relies upon member countries to make the arrest and transfer the suspect to the ICC.

If the suspect is not arrested to appear in court, legal submissions can be made. But the hearings cannot begin.

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