Are You Willing To Stumble, Fall And Get Up Again To Learn A New Skill?

ByDianna Toh

That was what we did when we are a kid, we stumble and fall when we were learning to walk. We were greeted with encouragement and praise for getting up and trying again.

Then life happens, and along the way, we absorb the programming of our parents, from school, and our environment. Some of them are well-meaning, sometimes not, and most of the time it is the reflection of their internal self.

You then see your life through a perceptual filter, such as “Don’t embarrass yourself. “You are not good enough.” ” You are too old to learn.” “You don’t have a good sense of balance” and the list goes on.

These are Limiting Beliefs that can hold us back. Whether you want to keep those beliefs or take the initiative to change them is up to you. Everything begins with a choice. And, that’s what I did on the first day of the festive Hari Raya holidays. I decided to challenge myself to learn Roller Skating from my daughter.

Modelling is one of the theories under Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), in which I specialize in. This theory teaches us that any skill or achievement can be replicated with enough observation, study, copying, and practice. Modelling excellence is very achievable when one is willing to put in much effort. It is based on the notion that “Whatever anyone can do, you can do too”.

So it started with the step-by-step theory, then the stumbles and falls, and the get-up and try again. I would like to say that the exuberance of wind in your hair as you skate is exhilarating, especially after a bump on your cheek, a blistered and swollen lip, and a swollen palm.

F.E.A.R. stands for False Evidence Appearing Real, you know that once you mastered it. How valuable is it when you use this theory to model excellence such as successful business people, high-performance sportsmen, or people who are excellent in their field?

Remember this, “Whatever anyone can do, you can do too”. How powerful is that? If there is a person or a business you want to model, connect with me and I can share with you what to model and how to omit the idiosyncratic, and of course how to get rid of Limiting Beliefs.

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