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    Are These Really The Most Recession-Proof Businesses In America For 2023?

    Check the list out right here. What do you think?

    I was flipping through my Flipboard yesterday right after my lunch and I found this masterpiece—Here Are America’s Most Recession-Proof Businesses. Published by Forbes and written by John Egan who I believe is one of Forbes’ advisors, this article highlighted the top recession-proof in America for 2023. According to the article, this list is based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Google search trends.

    Check the list out right here.

    1. Bookstores
    2. PR agencies
    3. Interior design firms
    4. Staffing agencies
    5. Marketing advisory firms
    6. Food trucks
    7. Car rental companies
    8. Graphic designers
    9. Advertising agencies
    10. Residential property managers

    First of all, I truly doubt the recession-proof nature when it comes to bookstores, PR agencies and advertising agencies since a number of my friends within my professional circles who are in these businesses are experiencing an ongoing slump in revenue since 2020. More than half of them are now in the midst of pivoting. Secondly, there are a number of better businesses that weren’t mentioned at all. Pharmacy and healthcare-related are one of the businesses that I believe are truly recession-proof. The other one is consumer-driven businesses such as grocery stores, car workshops and FMCGs.

    Personally, I think the list can be better. Enough said.

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