Approaching My First 60 Days At Lexi: A Transformation In Progress

ByAzleen Abdul Rahim

I was in awe. Even until today. Stepping into Lexi as the new Marketing Director was like entering a completely different dimension. No, really. I mean it, every sense of the word. This company — a global powerhouse in bill-of-material solutions – quietly powers some of the biggest names in the world. It’s humbling to realise our software helps build those sleek Volvo cars on the road, the secure Assa Abloy locks on our doors, and the ever-complicated machinery ABB uses to power the world.

My first 60 days were a whirlwind, full of discovery I must say. Aside from trying to understand Penang, and the way to live life as a new Penangite, I immersed myself in understanding Lexi’s culture too. From the processes, terminologies, words that are pretty much alien to me, to how decisions are being made here, and how the leaderships were building a super strong word-of-mouth marketing that works tremendously well. All of these truly fascinates me.They’re not flashy, but it’s a deep-rooted commitment to excellence. That resonates with me pretty well.

Now, one of the most refreshing things about Lexi is the collaborative spirit. Yes, our software is next-gen, targeting those intricate industrial supply chains and not for every company. What I’ve found are people willing to break things down, explain the nuances, and help me grasp the bigger picture. I may lead the marketing team, but it feels like an extended team stretching across departments. No egos, just the drive to solve problems. I’ve experienced all these from Day 1.

I came from a start-up background where marketing was often seen as the “holy grail” when it comes to generating revenues. Start-ups are also well connected to the usual technologies talked about out there, digital products or services. But not here. Almost all the conversations have been a freakin’ eye-opening: marketing strategy entwined with industrial, electronics and manufacturing related stuff. At Lexi, I need to know about, not just getting the hang of the industry’s practices and selling cloud-based BOM solution—a software that comes along with powerful services and consultancy; but also working to clearly understand how every single dot is connected to one another and use these dots to tell a story.

This culture of collaboration extends to the very nature of our solution. If one department doesn’t move, the rest will face issues. It’s pretty much rewarding to hear stories about how Lexi significantly solved those giants’ bill-of-material challenges. It’s massive, in a whole different way.

Of course, my role here isn’t just about appreciating the hidden brilliance – it’s about making this company shine. The present marketing push, while solid, has been playing it a bit too safe. My mandate is clear: generate sustainable revenue year-in-year-out, not just quick wins. More importantly, make those existing customers stay because they believe in Lexi, making them see how exactly I see Lexi.

Perhaps the most striking element of Lexi’s culture, one that’s clearly imprinted with Lexi’s leadership. It’s pretty much an intriguing mix of visionary thinking and grounded execution. It starts with its founder, Peter Röing. There’s a quiet intensity about him. When he speaks about his early vision for Lexi, you feel the weight of years spent wrestling with complex supply chain problems. He doesn’t just see software – he sees the potential to untangle the very backbone of manufacturing.

That blend of passion and pragmatism is echoed in Anders, our CEO. Yes, I spoke with him during my initial interview a few months back but after exchanging a number of brief conversation with him, this guys is really something. He is very sharp that can seem almost intimidating at first. He can spot details and errors with no fuzziness tolerated. But I’ve come to admire his ability to zoom between the big picture and the most granular detail. He’ll dissect a marketing campaign one moment, and the next he’s grilling engineers about the timeline for a specific software release. It’s that detail-driven approach, infused with Peter’s broader vision, that makes Lexi formidable.

I was a little worried at first. This present heavily process-oriented mindset can feel at odds with the creative spirit I’m about to build in marketing, yet after a series of healthy doses of push and pull – finally I’m seeing a clearer picture now. I’m learning that this tension is productive. It forces me to sharpen my ideas, to connect the dots between creative storytelling and how best to generate tangible and sustainable results.

Luckily, both Peter and Anders are fundamentally approachable. After a particularly intense strategy session, you might find them sharing a laugh on smaller wins happening in the office. There’s a sense that while mistakes aren’t taken lightly, risk-taking and making innocent mistakes are encouraged as long as it’s backed by sound thinking. That willingness to experiment, to occasionally fail on the route to success, is what makes me believe we can achieve the ambitious goals we’ve set.

I can safely say that the next few months will be a marathon, an intense one. We’re going to build a massive marketing campaign, creating thought leadership campaigns, and all. We have an amazing solution, now the world needs to know it the way we do—big time.

I want to bring Lexi to the next level that brings measurable impact. Where those big logos on our customers list don’t just signify contracts, but a deeper trust; a shared belief that we’re partners in their success. I want the industry to know the Lexi name, to understand how our software, services and consultancy make their impossible tasks in managing BOM more manageable.

Yeah, I can say that my first 60 days in Lexi’s global operations office here in Penang have been super cool. One thing for sure, this company has the quiet hum of greatness.

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