Apple vs Samsung: Mall Marketing Battle Or A Playful Brand Rivalries?


As I stepped into the new TRX mall via the MRT, I couldn’t help but notice the extensive Samsung ads plastered across the walls and pillars. Stepping into the mall itself, however, I couldn’t find any of them anymore. Intrigued, I searched online and found an interesting Twitter thread. According to the user:

“If you go to TRX via MRT, you’ll see Samsung put a lot of their banners for the new S24 on the walls & pillars right in front of the pathway that leads to the mall. But you can’t find any of it inside the mall. Apparently, the mall signed a contract with Apple to not have any competitors ads inside the mall due to the Apple Store being there”.

The same user estimated the annual cost of Samsung’s MRT station advertising at roughly RM2 million, highlighting the high foot traffic of the Tun Razak Exchange station. This suggests that Samsung’s strategy aims to capture the audience before they enter the mall, bypassing the lack of internal advertising.

The Twitter thread sparked various online reactions. Many found it insightful, while others responded humorously, perceiving it as a playful “clapback” from Samsung to Apple. However, some users raised legal concerns, questioning if this practice violated the Malaysian Competition Act of 2010.

Personally, I find this marketing strategy amusing and somewhat playful, reminiscent of a previous “feud” between automobile giants BMW and Audi. They famously engaged in a public battle of witty billboard messages promoting their respective car models.

For the uninitiated, in a battle of billboards, Audi showed off their new A4 in Santa Monica, California, saying “Your move, BMW.” BMW replied across the street with their M3 and a confident “Checkmate.”

Audi then asked fans to help them design their next reply. They ended up showing off their R8 and claiming “your pawn is no match for our king.”

BMW wasn’t done yet. They brought out the big guns, a blimp with their F1 car, declaring “Game Over.”

This billboard feud even got other car brands involved!


Returning to the Samsung and Apple saga, while Samsung already has a store in The Exchange TRX, Apple fans eagerly await the opening of their upcoming store. The wait continues, with no official announcement on its opening date.

In a recent development, news outlets reported the renaming of the subway station as “TRX Samsung Galaxy Station” for a period of one year. The real cost of this rebranding remains a topic of discussion on online forums such as Reddit.

While brand feuds may seem like a playground squabble between giants, they offer a glimpse into the competitive spirit that drives innovation and provides us with some good entertainment along the way. So, kudos to the marketing team!

Image—Samsung Newsroom Malaysia

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