Apple parks electric car project

ByThe Counter Journal

Reports suggest that Apple has decided to discontinue its electric car project after a decade of significant investment in the technology, opting instead to allocate more resources to its artificial intelligence (AI) endeavors.

The decision to halt the decade-long Project Titan was disclosed on Tuesday, with employees being reassigned to bolster the company’s AI division, a move that was positively received by the markets.

Initiated a decade ago amidst the fervor surrounding self-driving vehicles in Silicon Valley, Project Titan initially aimed for the release of a self-driving car as early as 2024. However, the project encountered obstacles, including setbacks attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite pouring billions into research and development, the ambitious plans for a revolutionary autonomous vehicle without a traditional steering wheel were eventually pared down. Instead, the focus shifted towards a more conventional car equipped with advanced driver-assistance features. In 2019, the company let go of 190 employees from the project group.

Apple’s shift in direction mirrors similar moves by other major automakers, such as Tesla, the leader in the electric vehicle (EV) market. Several companies have chosen to scale back investments, with some redirecting their efforts towards hybrids rather than solely battery-powered vehicles. Tesla, for instance, has forecasted a decline in sales for the current year.

Image – Alex Imandze via Motor1

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