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    After Kicking Out 136 Tourists, Bali Is Set To Reinvent Itself

    Tourists that don’t follow the expected conduct while visiting Bali may find themselves facing certain restricted conditions in the future.

    According to Bloomberg, Bali wants to move away from visitors who don’t abide by the rules. Instead, it’s focusing on attracting digital nomads, retirees and wellness travellers to enjoy the beauty of this paradise island.

    Since the beginning of the year, Bali’s immigration office has expelled 136 foreigners for behaviour such as inappropriate exposure, disorderly conduct and violation of laws.

    In the month of April, a German tourist made headlines by storming through a temple performance without clothes. Additionally, a Danish woman was caught for indecent exposure in public. Lastly, a British man was reported to have assaulted an officer after not settling his bar tab. These instances show how outrageous behaviour can attract legal repercussions.

    Governor Koster faced an uphill battle to balance the safe arrival of tourists with Bali’s recovery. A unique solution has emerged; turning Bali into a health and research destination. This could be incredibly beneficial for both the island and world health.

    Bali is aiming to construct a medical facility in Sanur that includes five-star hotels and assisted living facilities for the elderly. The government has partnered with Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic to realize this project, as reported by Bloomberg.

    The coordinating ministry related to economic affairs has announced that an investigation centre will be set up in Serangan, Bali in partnership with Tsinghua University’s Southeast Asia Center.

    Tourists that don’t follow the expected conduct while visiting Bali may find themselves facing certain restricted conditions in the future. The Indonesian province is likely to introduce an entry tax, restrict the total number of travellers, and disallow activities such as climbing mountains, touching sacred trees or even renting motorbikes.

    Tourists visiting the island must now be accompanied by registered guides and adhere to a dress code that is appropriate for the destination. Moreover, they are expected to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

    Would-be immigrants with skills in digital, health, research and technology-related fields may be eligible for special “golden visas” which give them the ability to own property and receive expedited citizenship. And those with a net worth of 2 billion rupiahs or more can get a “second home” visa which allows them to stay up to 10 years.

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