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    Where ideas spread free

    300th is a platform where people from varying walks of life contribute original ideas. Here, ideas spread free. Free of restriction. Free of being forced to follow the current narrative, local or otherwise. Free to be discussed or criticised.


    The world is getting more divided because platforms have decided to choose a side.


    At 300th, we stay balanced. Celebrating discussion, discourse, and civil exchange of thoughts.


    Here, you can write about your passions, your thoughts, your worries, and your hopes. Here, you can explore the depths of your mind and your soul through writing.


    This is where ideas spread free.

    Spreading your ideas to a wider audience

    Spreading your ideas to a wider audience


    300th, as a content-sharing platform, can help bring new audiences to your website, YouTube, or Spotify. 


    Simply create your channel and upload at least one original content here each month. Then observe how the incoming traffic to your assets grows. 


    You’ll find most of them are from search engines and email.


    Visit our FAQs to learn more.

    Earn from your ideas

    Besides enjoying increased online authority, you will also earn financial incentives too.


    A cut of revenue from the ads that appear next to your content will be shared with you.


    With 300th, you can skip the hassle of building your own blog to earn. We’ll focus on building the platform, you focus on writing.


    Create a channel under your name, or under your company today.


    Visit our FAQs to learn more.


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