A Review of Jawan (2023) : A Mission to Restore The Dignity of A Country and Its People

ByDon Aziz

Shah Rukh Khan’s second blockbuster in 2023, Jawan has made its debut nationwide on 7th September. 

Jawan received the magical touch of Atlee Kumar’s direction, who also directed Mersal (2017) and Bigil (2019), starring the one and only ‘King’ Shahrukh Khan, Vijay Setupathi dan Nayanthara. 

Jawan revolves around Azad (Shahrukh Khan) and his ‘girls squad’ on a mission to restore the rights of the people that are mercilessly snatched away by some notorious Indian politicians. 

But Azad’s mission goes beyond that, he is also all set to restore his late father’s dignity, an army that is being labeled as a national traitor. 

With a duration of 2 hour and 45 minutes, this film gives its audience a cathartic cinematic experience, filled with joy, mixed emotions and cinematic visuals. 

King Khan’s acting is not just enchanting, but also entertaining with his facial expressions, funny punchlines, as well as the well-executed versatile characters.  

Apart from that, Atlee successfully places his side characters in this film to leave a lasting impression, instead of falling out flat within a short span of time. 

Despite of the existence of a bunch of characters, the screentime for the characters allocated by Atlee is just right – enough to highlight the presence of the characters. 

The recipe behind Mersal and Bigil help to present Jawan as a delicious treat for the fans, it’s finger licking good! 

Although there are parts that might use just a bit more of fine tuning, but in the end, the audience will be set to feel an absolute sense of satisfaction and joy. 

There’s a scene before the final climax where Azad broadcasts a direct message to the people, and the scene breaks the fourth wall.

It’s intended to portray Azad as he conveys the messages not only to the citizens of the Jawan world, but also to all of us. 

Reminding the audience/the people that for the name of a better nation, the responsibility of a citizens should be well-fulfilled and not being taken lightly. 

Catch Jawan at your nearest cinema now!!


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