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    42nd ASEAN Summit Was A Success, Regional Cooperation Will Be Strengthened Further, Said PM Anwar Ibrahim

    It covers discussions related to collaboration in establishing an electric car network, settling trades through local money and facilitating digital payments between countries.

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    Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim declared the 42nd ASEAN Summit a great success, citing that it had enabled the member countries to strengthen regional collaboration and cooperation.

    Anwar highlighted measures such as collaboration in the economic sphere, establishing an electric car network, settling trades through local money and facilitating digital payments between countries in order to make ASEAN more powerful.

    ASEAN has exhibited its vigour by coming to agreements on a variety of forms of concrete cooperation, disproving doubts from certain sections that the regional bloc was too feeble in confronting current problems.

    At the ASEAN Summit, Anwar articulated that the ASEAN leaders have agreed to keep the ASEAN Outlook on Indo-Pacific (AOIP) as the main medium in developing bonds with other nations in the Indo-Pacific area. He stated that AOIP puts a strong emphasis on safeguarding regional security, stability and prosperity, and also supports open, inclusive and more sustainable collaboration.

    Anwar informed that his proposal to create an Asian Monetary Fund for the purpose of increasing economic and political stability in the ASEAN region had been welcomed warmly by the ASEAN leaders. Nevertheless, the suggestion was still in the early stages and there were no special conversations regarding it, according to him.

    Anwar highlighted that regional leaders had come together to uphold and adhere to the Five-Point Consensus or 5PCs when dealing with the complex and contentious Myanmar issue. He also mentioned that they would be working in tandem to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid. Anwar stated that a resolution was employed based on international practices, plus consultation with all involved parties from Myanmar to foster advancement in conformity with the 5PCs.

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