3 Things That Helped Me Write Consistently (Even When I Didn’t Feel Like It)

ByAzleen Abdul Rahim

Blogging consistently is a common challenge for many bloggers. There are days when inspiration seems elusive, and the motivation to write diminishes. In other words, it’s pretty tough when the inspiration and mood do not come by that day. However, through my personal journey as a blogger, I have discovered three effective strategies that have helped me maintain a consistent writing practice week-in-week-out, even during periods of low motivation.

These tricks might be able to help you overcome the hurdles that hinder your progress and establish a resilient blogging habit. So, here goes.

Give opinions on things I see, read, experience and observe

I just need my thoughts to be out there, in the form of a story.

One of the key strategies that helped me blog consistently, even when I didn’t feel like it, is sharing my daily experiences with readers. I want people to know my personal thoughts on something I see, read, experience, watch and observe. This is one of the daily routines I must do to unclog my mind. In fact, people love to read other people’s stories. Really.

Every day, I will definitely encounter a colourful of situations, conversations, and observations that I convert into compelling stories—from my perspective of course. By reflecting on these experiences, I can somehow rekindle those moments whenever I read the article again after a while. 

Sharing the context of what I read, observe, and experience with readers allows me to provide fresh and relatable stories. It adds depth to my writing and keeps you engaged with my audience. 

Whether it’s an interesting article you read, a thought-provoking conversation you had, or a captivating event you attended, these experiences become the sources of your articles. By infusing your blogging based on real-life examples and insights, you will definitely create cool and authentic content. At that moment, even though you feel your motivation is lacking, it will somehow make you want to get up and start documenting what’s in your head at that moment for sure as you do not want to ‘lose’ it.

All you need to do is to know how to reflect on those stories, relate them to your blogging topics and construct a structured story flow in words for people to read, understand and emotionally appreciate the stories too. Sharing personal anecdotes and insights will help you connect with your readers on a deeper level, making your writing more engaging and relatable.

Write for search engines

The more articles I write, the more visibility I will enjoy on search engines. I become searchable.

I know I need to stand out to stay relevant. Visibility is important in this super crowded noisy world. And I believe blogging can help me to achieve it big time. Besides social media, I want to make sure that I am searchable on search engines too. Writing similar to posting on social media, but with a focus on search engine optimisation (SEO), can significantly enhance my online presence to stay above the rest.

Search engines play a crucial role in driving traffic to my content. By understanding how search engines work and optimising my blogging accordingly, I can increase the chances of my articles being discovered by a wider audience worldwide and not just in Malaysia or Asia. The more insightful articles I write, the more searchable I become, improving my overall visibility and influence as a blogger.

To write for search engines effectively, I will start by researching relevant keywords related to my writing topics. There are tools and a few tricks I’m using to identify popular search terms. Incorporating these keywords strategically throughout my content, including in headings, subheadings, meta descriptions, and alt tags for images, I can find myself at a good starting point for writing a cool article. 

I prefer to use a conversational tone in all my articles. This is on top of ensuring all contexts are high-quality, informative, and engaging that provide value to your readers. When search engines recognise that my content is useful and relevant, they are more likely to rank it higher in search results. By consistently producing quality articles which search engines like, I can boost my visibility better and attract a broader audience, which can further motivate me to write more, consistently.

Build subscribers, not just followers

I want more subscribers.

While social media followers can provide initial engagement, building a loyal subscriber base is crucial for long-term success as a blogger. Now, I want to tell you something about the difference between social media followers and subscribers. 

Subscribers are individuals who have willingly shared their email addresses or subscribed to your platform, demonstrating a genuine interest in your work. The list is in the csv file which you can download and keep it. You can communicate with them directly without algorithms in between. And once you notify them that there is new content on your website, every single subscriber will get your notification. Unlike social media followers, not all of your followers will know that you’ve just posted new content on the platform due to the interference of the algorithms. And these followers aren’t really yours as they all will vanish once the platform decides to ban you one day. These are the main difference.

That being said, focusing on building email subscribers, rather than merely acquiring followers, helps you cultivate a dedicated community of readers who are invested in your writing. This is what I truly believed in.

Once you have subscribers, nurture the relationship by consistently delivering valuable content directly to their inboxes. Create a publishing schedule and stick to it, ensuring that your subscribers receive regular updates from you. Tailor your content to their needs and preferences, engaging with them through personalised messages or asking for their feedback and suggestions. By building a sense of community and interaction, you foster a loyal following that is more likely to support your writing endeavours.

This is the biggest motivation ever among the three. Having hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers is way better and more valuable than having millions of social media followers. But again, it is even better if I can have both. 


Maintaining a consistent blogging practice can be challenging sometimes, particularly when motivation wanes. You know, I had a little ‘downtime’ a couple of days ago. Now, I am back full of energy. 

However, by having these three things as my motivation, I can overcome those obstacles and establish a resilient blogging habit, really. Sharing my daily experiences with readers to infuse the context with authenticity and relatability is crucial to me. Writing for search engines to increase my online visibility and reach a wider audience is super crucial too. Finally, focusing on building a huge loyal subscriber base to cultivate a community of dedicated readers is the biggest of all. 

If writing regularly can help generate predictable and consistent leads for me, it probably can offer the same for you too.

. . .

The more you read, the better it is. Subscribe for more marketing and business insights.

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