2024 Lexus GX Teased: Lexus Dropped Glimpse Of The Updated Luxury SUV

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ByNews Asia 360

Recent rumours of a new Lexus GX SUV set to launch in 2024 have been confirmed by Lexus. Teaser images of the redesigned GX have already been revealed, and its official release is expected sometime this year. Lexus has revealed some teaser images of their new GX SUV for 2024 and it’s an exciting glimpse of the upcoming model and the design looks amazing!

Lexus implies that their 2024 GX model will still have all the off-road capabilities and features enthusiasts are used to from the current model. Thus, it is safe to assume that these impressive 4×4 abilities will be preserved.

Images | Lexus

The GX has been a hit with off-roading enthusiasts because of its strong build and 4×4 capabilities in addition to its Toyota 4Runner and Land Cruiser Prado brethren. Fortunately, it looks like Lexus is sticking with this successful design.

The Lexus LX 600 is anticipated to serve as a visual inspiration for the new full-size flagship SUV. The LX 600 had its much-awaited facelift last year, giving it a more updated and sophisticated look.

From the pictures released, it’s clear that the SUV will feature the updated Lexus logo on its back hatch. Additionally, its headlights could be similar to that of the LX 600, with a horizontal design.

Such a redesign is indicative of a completely new platform for this vehicle. The current Lexus GX is appreciated for its dependability and vintage feel, but other vehicles in its class have surpassed it in terms of design, fuel efficiency, and refinement.

The Lexus GX has seen its last major revamp over a decade ago, and it’s been highly valued for its reliable performance since then. Its truck-based platform and V8 engine shared with the Toyota 4Runner have made it a great choice among off-roaders as well. This has established the GX as a cult favourite amongst car enthusiasts.

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